Freckle DIY Folk Whitening Magic _1

Freckle DIY Folk Whitening Curse

Freckles are caused by pigments in the inner layer of the skin, and once formed, they are difficult to remove.

Therefore, before the summer of the sun is intense, you should take good care of your face and skin, and be careful not to expose it to the sun.

In addition, the skin should be regularly rubbed with nutritional skin cream to prevent skin dryness.

Usually you should add enough vitamin C, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and honey is also essential.

  Master the seven magic tricks to remove spots this season, so that you can quickly become white and tender. Here are some folk recipes that are very effective in preventing freckles and removing freckles. Tips for freckle removal: Lemon and cucumber fight for 20 consecutive days a year, face washAfter cleansing, apply several layers of lemon juice and cucumber juice, keep it for 40-50 minutes, then wash it off, then apply skin cream, the whitening effect is obvious.

  Green leaf mask Green leaf mask is to cut the green leaves of parsley into pieces, mix in the same cup of yogurt, and let stand for 2-3 hours.

Apply the paste to your face 2-3 times a day.

  Carrot method 2 spoons of carrot juice, add 20 drops of lemon juice, wash off after 20-30 minutes, and then apply skin cream.

  Add a spoonful of glycerin to the juice of a tomato.

Wash your face with this liquid at least once a day for 10 minutes, then wash your face clean. Apply dry cream to dry skin.

With long-term use, freckles become dull and even disappear completely.

  Dandelion flower water is poured into a glass of boiling water in a handful of dandelion flowers, cooled and filtered, and the resulting liquid is poured into a bottle.

Wash freckles with dandelion water every morning and evening.

  People with lemon juice and creamy or normal skin can wash their face with lemon juice and milk regularly to whiten the skin.

  There are several ways to freckle at home: 1. Eating a slice of vitamin C and vitamin E every day can achieve the effect of freckle.

 2. Cover the face with a clean eggplant skin. After placing, the small spots will be less noticeable.

  3. Drinking a glass of tomato juice or eating tomatoes every day has a better effect on preventing freckle.

Because tomatoes are rich in glutathione, glutathione can inhibit melanin, thereby reducing or disappearing pigmentation.

  4. When washing your face, add 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar to the water to reduce pigmentation.

  5. Divide the bright radish into pieces and squeeze out the juice, take 10-30 ml, and apply it after washing your face every night and evening. After drying, wash.

In addition, drink a cup of carrots daily to whiten the skin.

  6. Stir the lemon juice and add an appropriate amount of sugar water.

Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on.

Drinking lemon juice often can not only whiten the skin, but also make melanin precipitate and achieve the effect of freckle removal.

  Homemade potato whitening light spot mask potato is rich in vitamins, which can promote skin cell growth, maintain skin gloss, bleach subcutaneous melanin, prevent the generation of dermatitis, thereby whitening and rejuvenating skin, and can reduce pigmentation.

  Step 1: Take two or three full-bodied, sprout-free potatoes, wash and peel them.

  The second step: cut into pieces, put the juice in a juicer, and put the juice in a clean container.

  Step 3: Pour fresh milk into the container and stir into the flour to make a paste, which can be used as a mask.

  Step 4: Put it on your body, wash your freckle after 20 minutes, and remove the expensive skin care products. The folk remedies are worth looking forward to. They are treasures handed down from generation to generation!

I believe that for people who love beauty, a folk freckle recipe that can whiten without spending too much money will be another choice for them!

A cup of clear water to determine whether the cosmetics are safe

A cup of clear water to determine whether the cosmetics are safe

Why use water?

  Because we wash our face with water every day, the molecules of water are close to the molecules of the skin, so everything that can be dissolved by water can be absorbed by the skin.

  Add an appropriate amount of foundation or lotion you usually use to the water, and then observe the reaction.

  It usually happens: it sticks to the side of the cup, floats on the water, and sinks to the bottom of the cup.

These three cases illustrate the ingredients it contains.

  (1) Animal oil is sticking to the cup.

  It is extracted from animals.

Can we think of an animal slaughterhouse next to that cosmetics factory?

No, the slaughterhouse killed the animals and then piled the bones and fur on one side, waited for a large amount, and then pulled it to the cosmetics factory. Who knows how long it has been piled up. If it is summer, will those things deteriorate and rot?

  We eat spoiled things and vomit and diarrhea. The same is true of the skin. Cosmetics treated with spoiled things can cause allergies. Manufacturers know that they will be allergic, so we will add soothing agents and desensitizers during the manufacturing process.
The soothing agent is an immune nerve anesthetic. It will feel good at first, but it will not work for a long time. The beautician knows that the brand of cosmetics of the same brand will be changed for 2-3 years. What is the change?

The soothing agent was changed.

  (2) It is mineral oil floating on the water.

  Mineral oil is extracted from petroleum that is mined underground.

The first layer uses gasoline; the second layer is lepton oil; the third layer is asphalt, which is used to pave the road.

And this kind of cosmetics is made with the second layer of lepton oil. The leptin oil has a good moisturizing effect, but it is not breathable. It is like we wear a pair of leather pants in winter. The wet airtightness in the legs will affect the permeability of the skin.Sex, and even accelerate skin aging.

  (3) The heavy metals, lead, mercury, etc. are sinking at the bottom of the cup.

  Newspapers have reported that children born to pregnant women often give birth to cerebral palsy.

  If the products you use are not sticky to the cup edge, do not float, or sink to the bottom of the cup, then you can congratulate you, because you have chosen the right things and can use them with peace of mind.

Everyone can go home and try it, MM don’t use the wrong thing because of the blindness and clump of the moment, but it is worth the loss.

After all, health is more important than beauty.

  Cleansing milk: ① It has a light fragrance, and it should be melted on the hands without greasy feeling.

  ② Burn with fire, put the cleanser into a spoon, and burn with fire. If splashing oil, it is not a good cleanser. If it burns more like milk, it means a good cleanser.

  ③Take the PH test strip and try it out. Just squeeze it onto the test strip and you will know.

  Toner: ① Shake vigorously and watch the bubbles after shaking.


There are few bubbles, indicating that there are few nutrients.


The bubbles are large but large, indicating that they contain salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid cleanses better, but it is irritating and susceptible to allergies.


Many bubbles are very thin and disappear quickly, indicating alcohol.

Do not use for a long time, it is easy to damage the skin’s protective film.


The bubbles are delicate and rich, there is a thick layer, and it lasts forever, that is good water.

  ② Good quality without alcohol.

It has a cool feeling when used badly and smells a little alcoholic.

  ③ Generally, lotions have colors. If they are stored improperly, they will often be exposed to sunlight or left for too long, and the colors will fade.  ④ The bottle of toner is non-transparent, never buy it.

Because it cannot be identified.

  Emulsion: ① smell the taste.

Good product ingredients are pure and do not require heavy spices to suppress product odor.

  ② If it is a lotion, take a glass of water, pour the lotion into the water a little, if it floats on the water, it proves that there is oleyl ester in it (this is not recommended for cosmetics now). After shaking, the water becomes milky white, which provesIt contains emulsifiers, and such cosmetics are not good.

If poured into water, the emulsion sinks to the bottom and proves to be free of oily esters, which works.

Oilstone can harm the skin and cause dry and dehydrated skin, because it is the first to reset the pores. Over time, the pores will become larger and larger.

This is what the experts (someone in the cosmetics industry forgot) said.

  Cream: ① Put a little in an ordinary spoon, and burn it until it is completely burned out. If there is a black residue, it is a variety of additives. The more you prove the more additives, then put a cotton wick in the spoon and put the cotton wickIf you light it, you will see that the water will emit black smoke, and such products are not good.

  ② Many moisturizing products are made of mineral oil. You apply them to the paper and wipe off the excess after a while. If it is moisturizing, the paper will wrinkle. If it is made of mineral oil, you willYou will find that it is transparent!

  ③ You can also squeeze the product onto an iron spoon and heat it with fire underneath. If it contains mineral oil, the oil will come out!

  ④ When filling cream, if it is a finished product with good filling technology and fine size, its surface layer will show a uniform and smooth form without large and small holes.

  Essence: For liquid serum, you must pay attention to observe the color and shape of the essence when you buy it. If you find turbidity, precipitation or discoloration, this essence can no longer be used.

Consumers of oily and acne-prone skin must be careful when purchasing and using the essence, and even purchase an essence that has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects.

  Foundation: Take an appropriate amount of water and observe its reaction.

It usually happens: it sticks to the side of the cup, floats on the water, and sinks to the bottom of the cup.

  These three cases illustrate the ingredients it contains.
Good products are not sticky to the cup edge, not floating, and not sinking the bottom of the cup.


Sticking to the cup is animal oil.
Floating on the water is mineral oil.


On the bottom of the cup are heavy metals, lead, mercury, etc.
  Make-up remover: When choosing, you should first apply oily foundation or waterproof lipstick.

Put a product like mascara on the back of your hand, and then pour on a cleansing milk to see if it is easy to integrate with the makeup products and you can wipe it off with a tissue.

Makeup removers that have been placed in stores will appear like tofu or salted soy milk, with pieces appearing.

Men must know six needs of women

Men must know six needs of women


Gifts are not precious, but sincere. From a woman’s point of view, the best gifts are those that are more modest, not those flashy.

  A husband collects lovers cards and gives them to his wife at any time. Whenever she is in a bad mood, he puts a card in the place where she may find it, which makes her very happy.


Too many women are really afraid that they are not pretty enough. Women need explicit compliments: “I like that hairstyle” or “You look good in red.”

This kind of praise can encourage a woman, make her focus on dressing up, and keep her love moisturized.


Women also acknowledge that working women want their husbands or boyfriends to recognize their work as if they were aware of their work.

The husband should listen with his ears up each time his wife is working on her own.

Needless to say, as the communication in this area is better, the relationship between them will become deeper and deeper.


Women need men to listen patiently. The conversation in the minds of men is to study problems, debate right and wrong, and find solutions.

In order to achieve this, he may repeatedly interrupt the woman and ask her to “understand” what he means.

However, women prefer men to listen to them kindly rather than expressing their opinions, and they will keep talking until they feel comfortable in their hearts.


When women are not as easy to fall in love with as men, when women choose a spouse, it is usually more meaningful and practical.

Women may be in urgent need of love, but there is still an expert inside them who asks: Is this man reliable?

Therefore, in addition to paying attention to hair, clothes, and politeness, men also need to be kind and generous and faithful and reliable.


A woman wants to be friends with her husband. A woman wants to be equal to her elder man. She thinks her strengths, tolerates her shortcomings, and hopes she treats him the same way.

Simply put, she needs friends, lover, and understanding her partner.

Do you suffer from doting syndrome?

Do you suffer from doting syndrome?

A doting syndrome: Doting the baby = destroying the baby!

  Coddling syndrome is a disease newly born in modern society, which often occurs in babies over 2 years old.

Because the adult is doting on the baby and is preparing to add protection or indulgence, the baby is the “little sun” at home. Excessive protection will cause the baby to have psychological deformities and a variety of physical disorders.

  Two doted loves raised 5 kinds of problem baby 1.

Causes of Selfishness: Your baby has a special achievement for a long time.

Foods such as cakes and fruits are only left for the baby to eat, so that the baby is always superior at home.

  Performance: The baby thinks that the good east should belong to him, monopolizing toys, eating good things, and not allowing others to touch.

  Coping strategies: Guide your baby to share various items with everyone, often tell the baby educational stories such as “Kong Rong gives pear”, don’t accommodate the baby’s excessive desires, and firmly reject his unreasonable demands. Over time, the baby will slowlyCorrected.


Be timid and fear the cause: The mother has imposed too much ban on the baby. If he is afraid of something wrong, he is not allowed to play outside alone. Do not touch this or touch it.

The baby is panicked with a little discomfort, making the baby who is not afraid of it crying.

  Performance: The baby does not dare to think in case of any accident, and will cry if he is scared.

  Coping strategy: The baby is timid, so he can’t laugh at him, and do everything possible to eliminate his fear.

Pay special attention to the details of daily life, and resolve the baby’s fear of things.

Consciously let your baby come into contact with some things in daily life, such as crabs, dogs, chickens, etc. The mother must be by her side for the first time.

The mother should not be overly frightened by the little accident of the baby, and should treat it with the usual attitude.


Causes of loneliness: The baby has little contact with the outside world, and there are no friends in the family to play with, but only with toys and TV.

  Performance: out of group, lonely personality.

  Coping strategies: consciously find a small playmate of the same age for the baby, listen to the story with the children, play games, so that the baby will gradually be grouped and cheerful.


The reason for the dominance of the king: the excessive accommodation of parents, as long as the baby cries, they will meet their needs.

  Performance: If the baby wants to do something, he will lose his temper if he is unhappy, and he will be rude and unreasonable.

  Coping Strategies: Satisfy the reasonable requirements put forward by the baby. If it is unreasonable, tell the baby the reason. If the baby plays with his temper, the mother is best to ignore the cold treatment, and slowly the baby will understand the truth.


Causes of partial eclipse and picky eaters: Mom loves her child, and only makes him what he likes to eat according to his baby’s hobby.

  Performance: Babies are picky eaters, do not like to eat vegetables or fish, meat, nutrition is not balanced, often cold and fever, frail and sick.

  Coping strategy: The mother should reasonably match the baby’s diet and try to make food that can attract the baby, such as changing things he does not like to eat for him.

Replenishing Qi and Nourishing Beef

Replenishing Qi and Nourishing Beef

Chinese medicine believes that beef has a rare benefit.

“Han’s Medical Tong” records yellow beef tonic, and works with astragalus.

The “Yi Lin Compilation Essentials” believes that beef is sweet and specializes in replenishing the spleen.

The spleen and stomach are the basis of the blood after the weather.

In short, beef can replenish the spleen and stomach, nourish qi and blood, strengthen bones and bones, lack of gas, have both qi and blood, suffer from physical weakness, and pale faces. It is especially suitable for eating beef.

Water buffalo lowers sugar, and yellow beef replenishes qi.

First of all, people mainly eat buffalo and yellow beef.

Among them, buffalo is cooler and does not cause fever and fire. It is especially suitable for people with eczema, allergies and other skin diseases.

In addition, the “Compendium of Materia Medica” is also particularly selected, buffalo has a wonderful effect on the treatment of thirst (ie diabetes), so people with high blood sugar do not prevent eating more buffalo.

As the ranking rises, yellow beef supplements qi and blood, and strengthens bones and bones. It is very suitable for middle-aged and elderly people with osteoporosis.

In addition, people who usually have physical weakness and other symptoms of Qi deficiency can eat more yellow beef.

However, people who are allergic to it are advised not to eat it because of their hotness and tongue sores.

Eat beef, with great care.

There are many, many ways to eat beef.

For example, the simplest sirloin stewed with radish, carrots, white radish can be, and curry beef.

You can also learn to make canned yakiniku at home. The method is simple but the taste and nutrition are first-rate.

From the perspective of food therapy, beef with different ingredients will have different effects.

For example, beef with tomatoes is the best blood and beauty, beauty skin care food, beef is rich in high-quality protein, which can effectively improve the symptoms of blood deficiency; beef with venison, the best kidney, the effect is very suitable for people with excessive brain, premature agingBeef eaten alone or with cooked land, wolfberry, mulberry, etc., can improve hair loss caused by kidney deficiency; with Astragalus, the effect of Qi is best; with yam can strengthen bones; with gastrodia can reduce blood pressure, with Cordyceps can improve immunity, etc.

Beef tendon is also a good supplement.

In addition to beef, beef tendon is also a rare good thing.

It can strengthen muscles and strengthen bones, and is especially suitable for elderly or post-fracture patients with pain in waist and legs.

It can be eaten with Eucommia ulmoides, which has a very good therapeutic effect on numbness of hands and feet and pain in waist and legs.

How White Collars Eat Healthy Snacks

How White Collars Eat Healthy Snacks

At 4 or 5 pm is the most weary time for office white-collar workers. The latest survey in Tokyo, Japan shows that people usually eat something sweet, not only to replenish physical strength, but also to feel happy.

But over-sweetness may make you physically tired.

  Experts point out that in fact, eating sweets is a kind of instinct for people. Many people rely on sweets to stabilize their mood or quickly replenish their strength.

But if you eat too much sweets, it may be counterproductive. Instead, it will cause the brain to slow down and people will feel even less energetic.

  Glucose and fructose in sweets can quickly replenish energy, but they can also cause excess.

With the rising state, the frequency of fatigue will also increase.

  The final metabolites of confections are carbonic acid and water. Carbon dioxide is an oxidant that converts the body to an acidic body. Acidic bodies often have fatigue.

  Experts suggest that nuts and yoghurt are the most reliable snacks when fatigue and hunger occur. Not only can they produce a strong feeling of fullness, they can also quickly replenish energy, and they contain a lot of antioxidants, which can combat physical fatigue andsenescence.

  In addition, you can prepare a package of low-sugar whole-grain biscuits in the office. Whole-grain foods contain a lot of minerals and vitamins, such as magnesium and B vitamins, to make the body full.

Its rich crude fiber can also alleviate the constipation caused by white-collar workers to some extent.

  Eating less sweets is not necessarily to eliminate sweets, moderate consumption of sweets can also quickly restore physical strength, but avoid snacks based on sweets.

The number of snacks should not be too much. When too many snacks reach 1/5 of the daily food intake, your health will face various crises.

25-year-old has the strongest memory and 40-year-old has the highest emotional intelligence_1

25-year-old has the strongest memory, 40-year-old has the highest emotional intelligence

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Massachusetts General Hospital recently found that people at different ages have different intelligence predictions.

These include: memory, analytical skills, the ability to use critical thinking, and the ability to solve problems.

  The researchers conducted a large-scale study using relevant websites, examining the performance of nearly 50,000 participants of various ages in a variety of cognitive tasks, and measuring their ability to sense the emotional state of others.

The analysis showed that each cognitive skill peaked at different ages.

At the age of 19, the speed of processing information reached its peak, the efficiency of work was high, and then it began to decline; short-term memory has been rising until the age of 25, and began to decline until the age of 35; At 30, the face recognition and memory ability is the strongestPeople who can remember face the most; 40?
At the age of 50, EQ is high, and people are most able to observe and watch. At this time, people’s judgment of the emotional state of others is the most correct.
At the age of 70, the ability to summarize knowledge and refine the central idea is the strongest.

  Researchers believe that this is because today’s adults are more educated, work requires a lot of reading, and will face more intellectual challenges than previous generations.

Although researchers cannot determine why the peaks in cognitive skills are different, previous research has shown that this is related to changes in gene expression or changes in brain structure that occur with age.

  The results of this research suggest that people of every age have different cognitive functional advantages, and you may be good at doing something and doing other things badly.

That is, at a certain age, you cannot do everything best.

Line, preparation of items before entering the park

Line, preparation of items before entering the park

When the child enters the kindergarten, parents should not forget to prepare some things for him, some school bags, a quilt with a straw, a small handkerchief, a pair of sneakers that fit well, and so on.

  Obviously, no matter what you prepare, let your baby participate and give him the right to choose.

Therefore, before preparing, parents must explain to the baby that they want to buy some items and the use of these items, and then take the baby to the mall to buy.

  In addition, parents should also prepare a few more sets of changing clothes for babies, especially pants, because children who are new to kindergarten are prone to diapers, and sometimes they may change three or four sets a day.

  Finally, parents should mark all the things that the baby has. Some embroidered names or specific patterns on clothes and handkerchiefs. After finishing, remember to let the baby see and let him know that certain things belong to him.

Eight Food Therapy Ginger Dates Brown Sugar Soup Nuan Gong San Cold

Eight Food Therapy Ginger Dates Brown Sugar Soup Nuan Gong San Cold

Click to buy women always have so a day or two uncomfortable every month, dysmenorrhea entangles you and makes you sit up and down, you can only lie in bed to accept the pain.

Can’t go on like this anymore, get rid of it. The following is written by Xiaobian specifically for you with dysmenorrhea. I hope you will feel comfortable every day.

  Chinese wolfberry yam cloud bean chicken wolfberry 10 grams, fresh yam 150 grams.

50 grams of cloud beans, 1 female chick, seasoning.

Soak the mung bean and peel the yam.

Wash and cut into pieces; remove hair from chickens, wash, fly, and cut into pieces.

Add the same to the pot, add the Chinese wolfberry, shallot, pepper, ginger, salt, cooking wine and clear soup, and seal.

Steamed in baskets, 1 weekly?
2 agents.

  Efficacy can nourish the liver and improve the spleen, nourish the spleen, and nourish the blood. It is suitable for liver and kidney deficiency, abdominal pain caused by insufficient menstrual blood, waist and knee swelling, weakness, weakness, low menstrual flow, pale color, or hot flashes, tinnitus, etc.

  Ginger jujube brown sugar soup 5 grams of dried ginger, 10 jujubes, 30 grams of brown sugar.

Add the three together with decoction.

Take it 2 times daily with warm drinks for 5-7 days.

  Efficacy can warm the palace scattered cold, suitable for cold dysmenorrhea.

  Guizhi Jujube Soup Guizhi 10g.

10 jujubes, 15 grams of hawthorn, 30 grams of brown sugar.

Juice, jujube, and hawthorn decoction, divide by brown sugar and boil while hot, 2 times a day.

  The effect can be warm and scattered cold.

Activating blood and relieving pain can make the lower abdomen pain before or during menstruation, reduce heat pain, and reduce menstrual flow.

  Ginger Jujube and Pepper Soup 30 g of ginger, 10 jujubes, 20 g of pepper, brown sugar.

Decoction the ginger, jujube, and pepper water, remove the brown sugar and drink, 2 times a day.

  Efficacy can warm and disperse cold and relieve pain. Once the cold condenses, the stagnation of the qi is dysmenorrhea, the color is dark, there is a block, and the dysmenorrhea due to cold and cold limbs.

  500 grams of rich mutton and mutton, cumin, cinnamon, white peony, angelica, cinnamon sticks, 10 grams each with attached tablets, 150 grams of fresh yam, and appropriate seasoning.

Wash the mutton and cut into pieces; wash, peel, and cut the fresh yam into the casserole, add water to the boil, and add the medicine (cloth bag).

Ginger, pepper, pepper, etc., simmer until the lamb is cooked.

Take the medicine pack.

Add salt, monosodium glutamate, and pork fat to a suitable amount, 1 dose daily.

  Efficacy can be warm Yang Sanhan, Tongmen analgesia, aiming at cold coagulation cell dysmenorrhea, refusing to press on the abdomen, who have reduced heat pain.

  Angelica Motherwort Eggs Angelica 10 grams, Motherwort 30 grams, 3 eggs.

Boil angelica, motherwort and eggs with water until the eggs are cooked. Remove the shells and cook for a while. Remove the residue and juice.

Drink soup and eggs, one at a time, 3 times a day for 5-7 days.

  Efficacy can promote blood circulation and qi, dissipate blood stasis and relieve pain, apply to blood stasis and dysmenorrhea.

Pain relief after bleeding.

  Yellow Emperor Black-bone Chicken 30 grams of Yellow Emperor, 1 black-bone chicken.

Seasoning amount.
Remove black hair chicken, wash, cut into pieces, and place in the pot with astragalus.

Add water to stew, monosodium glutamate, salt to taste, 1-2 doses per week.

  Efficacy can nourish qi and nourish blood, regulate menstruation and relieve pain, apply to qi and blood deficiency before, during or after menstruation, lower abdominal pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, palpitations, insomnia, waist and knee weakness.

Six kinds of aerobic exercise can cure irregular menstruation

Six kinds of aerobic exercise can cure irregular menstruation

Six types of aerobic exercise can cure menstrual irregular women, but menstrual disorders are very tangled, and almost all women think that during menstruation is not suitable for exercise, in fact, otherwise, this is a common misunderstanding.

During menstruation, you can do some exercises properly. If you have irregular menstruation or discomfort, do the following six exercises can also help to regulate.

  1. Ballroom dancing Ballroom dancing is a good aerobic exercise, which can help improve the level of breathing and circulation, and misleading can also give people a sense of physiological pleasure.Not bad, because psychological effects are sometimes effective.

  2. Basic gymnastics Basic gymnastics is to learn how to relieve stress by breathing, release negative energy in the body, promote blood circulation, unblock meridians, and have great effects on regulating menstrual relief.

  3, Tai Chi Tai Chi is known as the essence of the Chinese national martial arts. It is not unreasonable. Simple Tai Chi movements seem simple, but they can stimulate the acupuncture points of various parts of the human body, which is helpful for irregular menstruation.

  4. Jogging Jogging belongs to aerobic exercise, which can improve breathing, smooth qi and blood, and have an effect on alternate contraction and relaxation of abdominal muscles and pelvic muscles, and reduce the pressure and pain of the uterus during menstruation.

  5, meditation-type yoga is slightly lighter, relaxed meditation-type yoga is conducive to helping the body’s blood flow smoothly, relieve stress, and regulate qi and blood.

  6, table tennis relax, not intense table tennis can improve the body’s functional level, improve the blood circulation system function, is conducive to the discharge of menstrual blood, for women with irregular menstruation, it is more beneficial.