Breast milk pregnancy protects your baby’s liver

Breast milk pregnancy protects your baby’s liver

It is an indisputable fact that breast milk is well pregnant.

Of the more than 1,000 nutrients that have been discovered by humans in breast milk, 400 are not replicated by existing science and technology.

Liang Furong, an associate professor of pediatrics at Peking University First Hospital, has highlighted the advantages of breast milk, and since then there has been a new way-breast milk replacement can prevent liver disease in children.

  It has been clinically found that infants fed artificially are often susceptible to a “infant metabolic liver disease” that is rare but can seriously threaten their lives.

The reason is that these babies lack a protein called a resistance protease.

This protease is only found in breast milk.

At the same time, breast milk also contains a variety of anti-viral antibodies.

Therefore, breastfeeding children can effectively prevent viral hepatitis.

  And milk or milk substitute powder must be disinfected, especially milk powder, also undergo a process of high-temperature dehydration and drying, and atomization into a powder. In this process, many active enzymes and beneficial bacteria are also killed.So this is also a process of “inactivation”.

  Breast milk is fed directly to the baby through the mother’s body. It not only provides nutrition, but also retains a variety of active enzymes and antibodies, which directly builds a natural guarantee for the baby’s health.

For example, a type of resistant protease can prevent babies from suffering from “metabolic liver disease”; immune globulin can increase the baby’s resistance; a variety of digestive enzymes and trace enzymes can promote the health of the baby’s body; lysozyme can reconstruct GramThe acetyl polysaccharide in the wall of the positive bacteria destroys it and enhances the bactericidal efficacy of the antibody.

A healthy mother can provide the nutrients, energy, and fluid volume needed for a full-term child to grow to 6 months.

More importantly, the adaptation of breast milk to children changes daily.

  Liang Furong reminded that although breast milk is good, the baby should also be weaned around one year old. The baby has begun to grow teeth around the age of one year. Excessive breast milk replacement will affect the baby’s ability to chew solid food, and even make the child’s speech unclearFace shape.

Qingming stepping decompression and depression: wearing a mask to prevent pollen allergies

Qingming stepping decompression and depression: wearing a mask to prevent pollen allergies

As the Qingming is approaching, as one of the 24 solar terms, Qingming is a good time for people to travel and look for spring. Therefore, the Ching Ming Festival is also known as the “Traditional Day.”

The three-day small holiday is a temptation for many families, and they all want to know the opportunity to go to the wild and take a picnic.

Clear and green, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, but also the best way to exercise and enhance immunity.

But do you know how to go to health?

Let us start this journey of knowledge – the custom of Qingming’s popular Qingming Festival began in the Tang Dynasty, and the famous poet Du Fu had the quatrain of “the riverside stepping back, seeing the flag.”

It was a popular activity in ancient ancient times, and it was a favorite and easy project for men, women and children.

  To prevent pollinosis in the Qingming era, there is a “law” to follow: reduce contact with sensitized pollen. People with a history of allergies should try to minimize outdoor activities, especially in windy weather, and should not stay outdoors for a long time.Try to go to places where flowers and trees are lush, and don’t just smell flowers and plants; wear masks for protection when going out; children with allergies should not be allowed to stay in the grass, parks or suburbs with many leaves.

  Master the rules of pollen release, the strongest sun exposure at noon, the most release of pollen, and then people who are allergic to pollen are best not to go out, or wear a mask to go out.

On a rainy day, the air humidity is high, and the pollen is not easy to be scattered. Especially after the rain, the pollen is temporarily washed away. At this time, you can feel free to go out.

  Prepare desensitizing drugs to go out on a green outing, prepare some desensitizing drugs, such as diphenhydramine, chlorpheniramine, etc., when the skin is itchy, body heat, cough, shortness of breath, etc., if the symptoms are light, you canOral chlorpheniramine, in the case of heavier symptoms, should go to the hospital for treatment.

  Stepping out of health and getting rid of the disease is a lot of benefits: ● The best way to improve the blood circulation during the clearing season and the short-term temperature rise.

  ● Massage the human organs in the clear season, walk and walk, the whole body will be shocked, this shock can prevent the deposition of sediment on the blood vessel wall; rhythmic walking, but also play a role in the internal organs.

  ● Adjusting the metabolism of the human body during the clearing season, the air is fresh and the sun is abundant. The “longevity” in the atmosphere – negative ion doping is a natural “drug” that regulates the metabolism of the human body.

  Avoiding the wrong area and healthy peers. Sunlight dermatitis Many people who travel in the spring will find that they are only happy when playing outdoors. When they return home, their skin is itchy and painful, and they suffer from solar dermatitis.

Solar dermatitis usually suffers in the first time in the spring, until after multiple sun exposures, a large number of people appear in the face, neck, forearm, back of the hand and other parts of the erythema, papules, wheal or blisters and other rashes.

Experts advise that long-sleeved trousers should be worn as much as possible during outdoor activities, and anti-UV umbrellas should be carried. Those with a family history should take special care and it is best to apply sunscreen.

  Go out to eat and prevent diarrhea. Some families go out and like to bring their own cooked food.

Experts remind that the food on the trip is the most vulnerable to corruption, and pay attention to food safety.

It is best to carry food with sealed packaging, especially meat, which is more susceptible to deterioration than food such as bread.

: The packaged food should be eaten as soon as possible.

It is best to wash your hands with clean living water and soap before the outside ants. If you do not wash your hands, then do not grab the food directly.

  Mountaineering should be measured by experts, and it is necessary to measure the mountaineering.

Because not everyone is suitable for mountaineering, such as high blood pressure, high blood pressure, acute and chronic bronchitis, emphysema, nephritis, anemia, tuberculosis, fever, acute infection and patients with stones during the active period do not barely climb.

In addition, people who rarely exercise regularly do not climb up and suffocate themselves.

Hair care must first take care of the scalp

Hair care must first take care of the scalp

The scalp is usually invisible, but we cannot help but understand it.

Usually we ignore the scalp when we care for our hair.

Experts say: the facial skin index, the scalp is thinner, and the sebum secretion is more vigorous.

In fact, the scalp needs more care.

  People often say “has a head and a face”, but the item “scalp” is never seen in skin care homework.

Just because your face is visible, but not on your scalp (fashionable people with shaved heads definitely don’t agree)?

But for true truth care, the scalp is really a little different.

  The basic structure of the scalp and facial skin is the same, both of which are composed of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

  The ratio of scalp to facial skin has several special features: Feature 1: The thickness of the scalp is about 1.

476 mm, the thickness of the skin on the cheek is about 1.

533 mm, the thickness of the skin on the nose is about 2.

040 mm.

There is no doubt that the scalp is thinner than the skin in most parts of the face.

  Feature two: The density of sebaceous glands on the scalp is approximately 144-192 per square centimeter, approximately 52-79 per square centimeter on the forehead, and approximately 42-78 per square centimeter on the cheek.

At this point, even with the forehead ratio that is most susceptible to oil from the face, the number of sebaceous glands in the scalp is twice as much.

  Feature 3: In 12 hours, the amount of sebum secreted on the scalp surface reached 288 μg / cm2, while the amount of sebum on the forehead was only 144 μg / cm2.

  In general, compared with the skin to skin, the scalp is thinner and sebum secretion is more vigorous. Due to the obscuration of hair, the scalp is more challenging to clean than the face.

  not love me?

Toss to show you that similar to facial skin health, scalp health also has a problem of water and oil balance.

  For example, a dry scalp is often caused by too little secretion of scalp sebum, or the stratum corneum of the scalp is damaged, resulting in weakened scalp water retention capacity.

Dry head can cause scaling, itching, and itching, just like peeling and drying of facial skin.

The difference is that if the face is peeling, people will be very meaningful and will use various methods to replenish the water and alleviate the phenomenon of peeling.

But itching, people will scratch, not only does the symptom not improve, if you leave a wound after scratching, it is easy to get infected.

  The opposite side of the dry head is head oil, which is usually caused by excess sebum secretion from the scalp.

Dandruff is easy to accompany dandruff, because flour that causes dandruff favors scalp-rich scalp.

Hair oil is also prone to odor, which can make hair sticky and flat.

  The scalp also needs to care for people washing their faces twice a day, but not necessarily every day.

According to a survey, the global population has an average shampoo frequency of 3-5.

6 times / week.

Russians have the lowest average shampoo frequency (2.

82 times / week), highest among Mexicans (5.

60 times / week), while the Chinese are relatively low (3.

31 times / week).

The concept of facial care is deeply rooted in people’s minds, and there are a wide range of products designed for facial health, while research and products related to scalp health are difficult to see.

  It is generally believed that the skin begins to age from about 25 years of age, while the scalp begins to go downhill at 40 years of age.

By the time of retirement, the scalp’s mobility began to decline, the number of hair follicles fell to 1/4 at birth, hair density decreased, and the growth rate of hair also decreased.

If you don’t take care of your scalp, its aging speed will soon accelerate.

  A healthy scalp does not heal, it is not greasy, not dry, and the scalp has a moderate sebum secretion.Like facial skin, epidermal cells of the scalp are generated from the basal layer according to a 28-day cycle, expand and move, and finally become dander instead.

There are also examples of various scalp problems below, but many people have a headache.

  How to take care of the scalp First, develop good hygiene habits.

Do not over-perm, dye your hair, or scratch your scalp.

Massage your scalp while bathing to improve blood circulation.

  Thorough, relaxed and balanced.

Excessive fatigue or excessive worry will cause internal secretion disorders, metabolic disorders and decreased resistance, etc., which will also cause this scalp problem.

  Finally, we must achieve healthy diet and regular life.

The overall health of the human body is the most important, otherwise no amount of repairs to a local area can save the fate of the tofu residue project.

A brief introduction to the five methods of internal medicine for hemorrhoids

A brief introduction to the five methods of internal medicine for hemorrhoids

Acne is also called “diabetes”, “blister” or “acne”, which is a skin disease caused by inflammation and inflammation of hair follicles and sebaceous glands.

During puberty, hormones in the body stimulate hair growth and promote sebaceous glands to secrete more oil. Hair and sebaceous glands accumulate a lot of substances, causing oil and bacteria to replace, causing skin redness and swelling.

Because this symptom is common in young men and women, it is called “acne”.

In fact, adolescents do not necessarily have acne; and acne does not necessarily only grow on adolescents.

  The internal treatment of cracks is five, the sore sores caused by lung heat, it is better to use the lungs and heats of the lungs and heat, and the lungs have heat, and the wind is evil, so that the lung heat can not be caused by leakage.

Its symptoms are long papules, like corn, can be squeezed white-pink oil, rash around the nose, can be seen in the forehead, there may be blackheads, and with dry nose, dry stool, yellow fur, red tongue, pulsenumber.

When using the method.

It is advisable to use diarrhea white mulberry (mulberry skin, ground bone skin, previous rice, licorice) and Qingfei drink (ginseng, medlar, berberine, cork, mulberry, licorice).

  Second, blood sores caused by sores, should use cold serum heat method blood heat sore, mostly by emotional internal injuries, gas stagnation, heat for a long time, caused by heat.

The symptomatic facial papules are mainly between the nose and mouth and the two eyebrows. The facial hot flashes are obvious. The women still have increased papules before and after menstruation, red tongue and pulse number.

When using the method.
Use Liangxue Wuhua Decoction (safflower, rose, cockscomb, wild chrysanthemum, medlar) and peach red four soup (Peach Kernel, Safflower, Angelica, Shengdi, Chishao, Chuanxiong) plus or minus, the effect is quite good.

  Third, the heat caused by hemorrhoids, it is advisable to use heat-clearing and detoxification method. This hemorrhoids are caused by inflammation of the lungs and stomach, re-sensitization of external poisonous evils, heat and toxicity, and caused by skin skin.

The disease is scattered on the face of the pimples, mainly small pustules, often around the red blush, conscious pain, severe redness and swelling, accompanied by fever, red tongue and dry moss, pulse real number.

When the above rule of law.

With five flavors of disinfection drink (linfotle, wild chrysanthemum, dandelion, purple diced, purple backed sunflower) with the disease, the effect is very.

  Fourth, the sore caused by stomach heat, should be treated with Qingxie treatment of stomach heat sore, mostly by diet, food and fat, so that the stomach is dry, the heat in the coke, the skin caused by the skin.

Its symptoms are hilly rash, like corn, can squeeze white powdery oil, there are blackheads, with more mouth and week, can also be seen in the back and chest, and often accompanied by dry mouth bad breath, diet, tongue dry, like cold drinks, constipation, strong pulse and so on.

The best way to go.

With Qingwei San (Coptis, Cimicifuga, Angelica, Shengdi, Danpi, Gypsum) plus or minus treatment, even more.

  Five, wet venom and blood stasis caused by hemorrhoids, it is appropriate to use the dehumidification and phlegm method of this type of ulcers, mostly by the body contains moisture, stagnation on the skin, re-stimulation of external poison, causing moisture condensate, blocking meridians, qi and bloodAnd made.

In addition to pimples, pustules, often with nodular cysts, skin oil complications.

The best way to go.
Dehumidification and detoxification soup (bandworm, coix seed, phlegm, psyllium, soy yellow, diarrhea, radix isatidis, red peony) plus or minus, will receive good results.

  中药治疗痤疮配方  [方一]浙贝母、白附子、菊花叶、防风、白芷、滑石各15克,皂角10克。6 flavors are fine, steamed with saponins to remove the fascia, the same medicine as a pill, morning and evening.

This side of the hurricane heat, suitable for acne, freckles.

  [Part 2]Chixiaodou 20 grams, 6 grams of asarum, 3 grams of ephedra, 10 grams of silver flower, 8 grams of Alisma, 15 grams of medlar, 8 grams of psyllium, 15 grams of Divine Comedy, 3 grams of safflower, 6 grams of licorice.

Decoction on behalf of tea, 1 day on the 1st, and wash the affected area with liquid medicine, 1 time each morning and evening.

This function eliminates sores and is suitable for ulcer sores.

  Chinese medicine treatment of acne matters: ◆ 1.

Go to bed early and get up early, live a regular life, and ensure adequate sleep.

Keep the affected area clean.

Do not abuse cosmetics and drugs.


Do not eat spicy spicy food.

Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Drink plenty of water.  ◆3.

Establish confidence, not sad, not distressed, happy.

  ● Daily cleaning ◆ 1.

Adhere to the use of acne skin-specific face soap or cleansing agent.

Excluding soap and alcohol ingredients will not cause irritation to acne.


Do not over-clean the skin.

Because excessive cleaning can stimulate cells to secrete more oil, forming a vicious circle.


Make-up remover, cleansing must be carried out separately, because only the oily makeup remover can completely remove the same oily cosmetics.


Use a special sponge to help wash your face and make your oily skin refreshed.

To remove the foam from the cleansing liquid in the palm of your hand, use a sponge to increase the foam; brush the sponge from the neck, around the mouth, chin, cheeks, nose bridge, etc., and then wash away the foam with warm water, then pat the face with cold water.

Newborns should be wary of 7 potential dangers

Newborns should be wary of 7 potential dangers

For newborn babies, the world they just met is full of novelties and dangers, and parents must be vigilant and rule out all possible potential dangers around the baby.

The following are 7 potential dangers that a newborn baby’s home may encounter at the BabyCenter website. Moms and dads must be vigilant.


Sleeping environment To reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in newborns, let your baby sleep on a sleeping mattress. Don’t let your baby be surrounded by pillows, scarves, wool toys, etc.

In addition, a warmer clothing or a person sleeping with the baby will be safer than a blanket.


Bath time Whether you are bathing your baby, whether it is in a baby bathtub, a sink, or a normal bathtub, don’t leave him.

He sat in the bathtub and seemed safe, but it was a false sense of security.

There were dozens of babies who had piled up because they sat in the bathtub and slid so far.


Fragile items: Move high-hanging objects, such as photo frames or ceramic statues, away from the diaper changing area and above the crib, so as to prevent the danger of smashing your baby.


Unstable furniture Tall and unstable furniture (such as flat-screen TVs) should be kept away from children.

Especially if you live in a high earthquake area.


Smoke detectors are best installed in every room of a fire.

If your home’s smoke detector has been in use for more than 10 years, it should be replaced in time.

In addition, every floor of the house must have at least one fire extinguisher in case it is needed.


Keep the crib away from the window Keep the crib away from the window. You can hang a rope or mobile phone on the bed to prevent your child from breathing or falling.


Baby-bearer falls When a baby is in your arms, your fall can be fatal to it.

In order to prevent babies from falling, you can install more night lights at home to clean up debris on the floor in time, and you can also install some safe stair railings.

Five types of food snatch your milk quietly

Five types of food snatch your “milk” quietly

1. Foods that can inhibit milk secretion: such as chives, malt water, ginseng and other foods.
2, irritating things: postpartum diet should be light, do not eat those irritating items, including: spicy seasonings, peppers, wine, coffee and cigarettes.
①Alcohol: Generally speaking, a small amount of alcohol can promote milk secretion, and it has no effect on babies; when it is excessive, it will inhibit milk secretion and affect uterine contraction, so you should drink less or not.
② Coffee: it will excite the central nervous system of the human body.
1 cup of 150 ml of coffee, that is, 100 ml of caffeine, it is best not to exceed 3 cups a day for normal people.
Although there is no evidence that it is harmful to babies, it should be consumed or stopped sparingly for breastfeeding mothers.
③Excessive seasoning: such as pepper, breastfeeding mothers should be tempered.
3, fried foods, high fat foods: this kind of food is not easy to digest, and the calories are high, you should take appropriate amounts.
4. Cigarettes and tobacco: If a nursing mother still smokes during breastfeeding, nicotine will quickly appear in breast milk and be absorbed by the baby.
Studies have shown that nicotine has a bad effect on your baby’s respiratory tract, so it is best for nursing mothers to quit smoking and avoid inhaling second-hand smoke.
5. Medications: For breastfeeding mothers, although most of the drugs will not affect the baby at the general dose, it is still recommended that breastfeeding mothers take the initiative to tell the doctor that they are breastfeeding before taking the medicine on their own so that the doctor can prescribeFind out the medicines that are suitable for taking, and choose the medicines with shorter duration to achieve the least amount of medicine through milk.
In addition, if the mother takes the medicine after breastfeeding her baby, she should feed the baby when the concentration of the medicine in the milk reaches the lowest level, so that the baby will be safer.

Small tricks to make large pores thinner


Small tricks to make large pores thinner

Many people worry about how to get rid of acne, eliminate bags under the eyes, and whitening, but also worry about the problem of enlarged pores.

Some people’s enlarged pores are caused by the wrong skin care method!

And some people are born with large pores.

  For pores that become larger the day after tomorrow, proper cleaning can restore the pores to their original state.

  1. Do more cleansing masks, steam the face and clear the pores. Summer is the season when the sebaceous glands are secreted by oil depots, and oily skin should be 2 every week?
Apply steaming + cleansing mask to the skin 3 times to dredge pores and cleanse oil.

Combination skin, can do 1 week?
2 times.

Dry skin can be done every two weeks.

To clean the face is to absorb the “boring” force and soften the semi-solidified sebum at the pore mouth. The goal is to clear the oil tube for sebum metabolism and keep the pores clean.

  2. Properly use fruit acid products instead of products containing fruit acid to dissolve the pore mouth and the keratin of the pore wall.

Fruit acid is irritating, so people with sensitive skin should use it with caution.

The selection of fruit acid products should be based on 3 principles, a reasonable concentration (6%?
10%) + required acidity (pH3?
pH 4) + Intensive continuous use for 10 days to half a month.

If you fish for three days and sunbath for two days, you will not only see good results, but it will also cause skin sensitivity.

  3. Choose alternatives that have the ability to soften sebum dirt, including cleaning products that contain sebum-decomposing enzyme ingredients, which can more easily clean out sebum dirt when washing and steaming the face.

  4. Choose keratinous products without consistency. Use keratinase-containing products regularly to ensure the effect of vertical infiltration of pores.

Currently on the market, products containing cutinase are mainly cleaning products, such as facial cleanser and facial cleansing powder.

Basically, it is a maintenance product that is washed after applying the face. Most of the essence is lotion.

  Use enzyme-based exfoliating products, such as facial cleansers or creams, to keep the skin warm and perform the effect in a warm environment, otherwise the effect will be greatly discounted.

The molecular weight should also be refreshing. It is too thick because the macromolecule gum is added to the product, which will hinder the effect of cutinase.

Cutinase is milder than both granular exfoliating products and fruit acid exfoliating products, so it is suitable for relatively sensitive skin.

  As for the natural large pores, you can conceal the embarrassment of large pores by modifying the appearance.

  Silicone is a commonly used ingredient in cosmetics, which smoothes pores instantly. There are about 40% of cosmetics on the market. Silicate is included in skin care products.

Silicone will absorb pores, absorb oil, make the skin smooth and silky, and have good water resistance. Therefore, many makeup or foundation milks that can instantly smooth the pores contain silicon.

A selection of products can whiten pores and make up easier.

  Foundation, foundation cream, BB cream, honey powder isolation, foundation foundation makeup are the most effective means to modify pores.

When choosing, choose a sun protection value that does not exceed SPF30 / PA +++, without chemical sunscreen, otherwise it will irritate the skin and cause sensitivity.

It is also safer to choose a thin, breathable thickness.

Lip color represents health status

Lip color represents health status

Pay attention to changes in lip color to see if it is healthy.

If the color of the lips is biased for a certain period of time, and it has changed about the past, it may be a sign of a health problem and a “illness”.

It can be combined with other symptoms of the body to intervene in the disease.


Lips bruises: Most people with blood stasis are bruises of the lip, often with qi deficiency and blood stasis.

Of course, wear less in winter, do not pay attention to keep warm, the invasion of the cold may also make the lips blue.

  Symptomatic conditioning: those who are cold outside often add clothes when it is cold, and those who are cold are mainly warm and yang.

Blood stasis is a physical symptom that occurs when the condition reaches a certain level in Chinese medicine.

Therefore, if blood stasis occurs, it is best to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.


Whitening of lips: Qi deficiency and blood deficiency are common. Qi deficiency and blood deficiency are a major cause of whitening of lips. Frequent complexion, complexion, nails, and color are also pale, prone to systemic symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, and palpitation.

May also be caused by spleen and stomach yang deficiency, often with limbs not warm, thin stools, urination and other symptoms.

  Symptomatic conditioning: Traditional Chinese medicine treats Bazhen decoction (combining Siwu decoction and Sijunzi decoction) common to those with deficiency of qi and blood. Eating more foods that nourish qi and blood will help to regulate qi and blood.

Those with spleen and stomach yang deficiency can take warm drugs such as astragalus and angelica.


Lips bright red: mostly fever, fever can be divided into evidence and deficiency.

In addition to bright red lips, those who are really hot are often accompanied by sore tongue, sweating, flushing, and dry stool.

Deficiency fever is usually accompanied by symptoms of heart, foot, and night sweats.

Mostly the elderly, the chronically infirm.

  Symptomatic treatment: Those who are really hot should appropriately clear their heat and reduce fire, and eat less hot fruits and spicy food such as mango and durian.

You can eat non-hot foods such as mung bean soup, sugar cane, and Sydney.

  Those who are deficient focus on nourishing yin, and can not eat more raw Sydney. You can use lean ginseng, oatmeal, etc. to cook lean meat or chicken.


Lips dark red: Maybe the kidneys are not good. Lips dark red and lip blue and purple have a certain similarity.

Dark lip color may also be a symptom of cold and blood stasis.

In addition, when the lip color is dark red accompanied by darkened orbits, and typical symptoms such as waist and knee weakness, it may be a manifestation of weak kidney qi.

  Symptomatic treatment: People with weak kidney qi should mainly tonify the kidney and impotence. In food therapy, you can eat warm-yang foods such as ginger and garlic, beef and mutton, etc .; in terms of medicinal treatment, Yougui pills, Jinyi Shenqi pills, etc.Kidney tonic.


Face yellow and lips yellow: hot and humid spleen is not good, lips are yellowish, which is difficult to judge based on lip color alone.

Lip color is highly correlated with overall face color, but relatively speaking, changes in lip color are more sensitive.

Those with yellowish lips often have a yellowish complexion.

The most common are those with deficiency syndromes. In addition to yellowish lips, they are often accompanied by symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, and indigestion.

Deficiency of the spleen and stomach is mostly related to the function of the body. Moisture is one of the reasons.

  Symptomatic conditioning: Deficiency of the spleen and stomach, those with heavy moisture can properly eat foods that are good for spleen and dampness, such as yam, coix seed, Codonopsis, Poria and so on.

  What kind of lip color is healthy?

  Healthy lip color: light pink, round and plump without dryness, no ulcers, cracks, herpes.

Cucumbers with the highest water content in summer

Cucumbers with the highest water content in summer

Everyone’s concept of “8 glasses of water per day” has been deeply entrenched, but it is difficult to do this in actual life. In fact, in addition to drinking water, food is also one of the sources of moisture.

Below we will look at the ranking of the length of common foods: cucumber, longer 96.


Cucumber is the best food for hydration in summer, and its moisture content is the highest among all foods.

Cucumbers can be used for salads or cold dishes.

Chilled drinks with cucumber, yogurt, mint, and ice cubes are also good choices.

  Lettuce, volume 95.


Usually, nutritionists are more willing to recommend high-fiber vegetables such as spinach.

But when it comes to hydrating, lettuce is much higher than them.

When summer comes, eating lettuce as a side dish of side dishes or other main dishes is a very healthy method of hydrating.

  Celery, content 95.


Celery is low in energy, but it contains a lot of water and fiber supplements to effectively suppress people’s appetite.

In addition, celery also contains folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin K.

Because celery contains a lot of water, it can also neutralize stomach acid and effectively treat discomfort such as heartburn.

  Water radish, water content 95.


Water radish is very suitable for spring and summer. It has a sweet and spicy taste, bright colors and crispy thickness. It is very suitable for salads with other vegetables.

  Tomatoes, volume 94.


Tomatoes are a good hydrating food. If eaten with grapes, cherries and other foods, the hydrating effect will be better.

  Green pepper, content 93.


All fresh peppers contain a lot of water, especially green peppers.

It contains no less antioxidants than other peppers.

If you are tired of vegetables such as carrots and celery for salads, maybe green peppers can give you some changes.

  Cauliflower with a water content of 92.


Don’t underestimate cauliflower, it contains a lot of water, it can reduce cholesterol and fight cancer.

A 2012 study found that cruciferous vegetables, especially broccoli, can effectively reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure.

  Watermelon, content 91.


The richness of watermelon is critical, and watermelon also contains the antioxidant-lycopene, which is a good choice for hydration in summer.

  Spinach, content 91.


Spinach is better at hydrating than water-rich lettuce.

It is rich in chlorophyll, potassium, added fiber and folic acid which is good for brain health.In addition, eating 1 cup (about 71 grams) of spinach leaves can meet 15% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin E. Vitamin E helps prevent the body from being harmed by free radicals, thereby fighting aging.

  Star fruit, volume 91.


Carambola is a tropical fruit, rich in content, and tastes similar to pineapple.

Carambola is very eye-catching and it is a good ingredient for fruit platter.

It has a variety of antioxidants and is good for heart health.

It should be noted that because of the high content of carambolic acid, patients with kidney disease should eat less.

  Strawberries have a moisture content of 91%.

All of these help your body hydrate, but strawberries are the best and easiest alternative to eat.

Strawberries can be eaten together with yoghurt, supplemented with fiber, probiotics and protein, making them an excellent food after exercise.

  Broccoli, volume 90.


Broccoli is rich in vitamin fiber, potassium, carotene and vitamin C. It is the only vegetable in cruciferous food containing lyme thiol. This substance can improve the body’s immunity and help remove carcinogens from the body.

  Grapefruit with a water content of 90.


Studies have found that this juicy and irritating citrus fruit helps lower blood lipids and replaces waist circumference.

Eating one grapefruit a day can reduce bad cholesterol by 15 percent.

5%, reducing triglyceride levels by 27%.

In addition, certain ingredients in grapefruit also help burn adults, stabilize blood sugar, and reduce appetite.

  Small carrots, volume 90.


Baby carrots are more bulky than mature carrots, with an additional length of only 88.


Baby carrots are easy to carry and can be eaten as snacks at any time.

You can also dip it in sauce or add it to a cold dish.

  Cantaloupe, quantified 90.


Cantaloupe plasma is abundant in trace amounts and low.

6 pounds (about 170 grams) of cantaloupe contains only 50 calories, which can meet the daily recommended amount of vitamin C.

Several ways to identify a good satyr

Several ways to identify a good satyr

1. The perverts basically don’t brag about themselves. They usually answer whatever you ask, and they won’t play circuitous tactics with you.

  2. If there is a phone call with a good pervert, the amount of text messages is relatively small. Generally, you are invited to go out to play or send you a funny text message. Sometimes I will ask you how you are doing?

Still know me?

Rarely nonsense, coquettish literature.

  3, the pervert will never speak beautiful words, never vowed to be with you forever and forever, the disgusting words that love you into the bones, if he is really in love with you, he will call you every day and see youYou will be happy, and you will be tempted to ask your plans for the future when the conditions are ripe.

  4. The pervert is definitely not married for the purpose, or the purpose of knowing a girl, or even just hoping to find a sexual partner, but if you feel that you are indeed your ideal lifelong partner, the pervert is definitely not hesitant to marry him.
  5. A good pervert chats on the Internet. Maybe it ‘s us making love. If you talk slowly, you will find other advantages of him, and if he thinks you are a friend, but it ‘s impossible to have a one-night stand, he will fight you from time to time.Hello, but ignore you most of the time.

  6, the pervert may suddenly pull out a chat with you a year ago, because he is online at the company or at home, definitely not in an Internet cafe.

  7. A pervert is generally more confident, at least not a frog. If a girl wants a photo, he will easily pass it to you. Of course, he will ask you for a photo. If you insist that he doesn’t, he will still send it to you.

  8. A good pervert definitely has a legitimate career. Don’t believe anyone who says he is a freelancer. Those who have a real career will definitely not have time to chat with you for hours on the Internet.